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Congratulations Class of 2021! 

Celebrate this milestone in your academic career by coming out to experience our newly launched 360 Slo-Mo Video Booth. 

June 14 and 15:

Richmond, VA

CEO Studios

700 East 6th Street, Richmond, VA, 23224

June 16 and 17:

Alexandria, VA

Repost Stuidos

700 East 6th Street, Richmond, VA, 23224

Grab your cap and gown* and come on down with up to three family members to capture special videos to celebrate this milestone. 

What's included:

Our 20-minute mini sessions offer your as many videos as you can create in the alloted time frame and comes with a cutomized video overlay, which includes your choice of details (name, degree, etc). Enjoy this COVID-19 friendly experience and a private mini-session for you and your crew. 

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